How to write a letter of thanks to your uncle for a birthday present of a book of stories?

My Dear Uncle Sam,

My heartiest homage may kindly be accepted. I received you letter and the parcel containing a book of stories that you sent me as a present on my birthday. I am very happy over this book and I express to you my deep sense of gratitude. Thank you my dear uncle for your kind and suitable present.

The book, that you sent is a nice book of stories. The title of this book is “Stories for Children”. It is written by an English author, Dood. The cover of this book is very nice to look at. It is very smooth to touch. There is a picture of a cat playing with her kittens. The title of the book is printed at the top in ornamental scripts. Below the cover, the name of the author is printed. Hence, it is very amusing to see this book. It is a pride to hold this book in hand.

There are nine stories in this book. They all are written in English. The stories are of English background. Still I could Read and enjoy them quite well. The stories are both interesting and instructive. At the end of each story, the moral is printed in big italics. I also collected some knowledge about the ways of the English boys and girls. The knowledge of my English developed. For each story, there are three or four pictures in the English dresses of male, female and children. I could know there ways of hair-dressing and the nature of their household articles. I am indeed much benefited by this book.


Please convey my best compliments to my aunt and grand mother.

Yours Loving Nephew

Your Name


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