How to write a letter of thanks to your uncle for his gift?

My Dear Uncle,

My heartfelt respect may kindly be accepted. I am quite joyful over the present that you have sent me in occasion of my birthday. It is a very costly present, a money-order of five thousand rupees. My dear uncle, I never dream of so much money at a time and needless to say how much happy I am over the receipt of this money-order. I am quite grateful to you.

You may be interested to know in what way I shall spend this money. I have proposed to by the National Savings Certificate of three thousand rupees. I shall purchase some good books including an Oxford Dictionary and some great man life story books . This purchase will cost me about one thousand rupees. Besides, I shall make new attires with the rest of the amount.

I express my honor to you and to aunt.


Your Loving Nephew

Your Name


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