How to write a letter to a friend describing a visit to a museum.

My Dear Friend,

Please accept my friendly salute. I have got your letter you have written me to write you about my visit to a museum. I am writing it below.

Last week, I went to see the State Museum. The building of this Museum is very nice to look at. It is a massive building with all the carvings of the modern at. I went inside the museum-hall. There I saw many things of our past. I saw many relics of our glorious industry are full of carving which are matchless in art and beauty. Idols, doorsills and window-frames are placed there as the silent witnesses of our high sculptural art. They all are the broken parts of our famous temples and forts.

Then I went to see another part of the museum. Here I saw many palm leaf-inscriptions. They have been collected from all parts of our state and placed here carefully. These inscriptions show how our ancestors could inscribe beautiful script and pictures on the palm leaves. Most of the pictures are found well-painted. This shows that our forefathers were expert in painting work too.


Dear friend, now you can make an idea of our Museum. I felt a high sense of patriotism, when I saw these ancient relics. Please come in the coming holidays so that we will together go there to visit our State Museum again.

Your Loving Friend

Your Name

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