How to write a letter to a friend giving him an advice to be punctual in his studies ?

My dear (Name),

I have received your letter. I am glad to know of your progress in studies. But you made a mention of your shortage of attendance in the college. I wonder how it happened in your case.

I think that you joined the University Film Festival and those days were marked as the days of your absence. I’ll ask you to approach the Principal if my contention is right.

You are a shining student of your college. I’ll advise you to do your job very well and you should not leave anything undone at all. Reach the college in time and attend all the lectures. Prepare lecture notes and do home work every day. This is a key to your success.


Punctuality carries a great significance. The laggards are those who are irregular in habits. They seldom care for any consequence of significance.

I am sure you will act upon these pieces of advice in the real spirit and do the needful.

I repose faith in your ability which none doubts.


With best regards,

Yours faithfully,

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