How to write a letter to the General Manger requesting him for necessary permission for an excursion party in the Steel Factory?


The General Manager, National Steels



With due respect, I beg to state that party of thirty students including me will start for an excursion to the important places in Pilsen. National Steels is one of them. The excursion party is expected to reach there on 20th July. The party need your permission to visit the steel-factory on that day. The party also expects guide from your side to help the students in understanding the machinery and the process of work in your factory.

Therefore, I pray that you will be kind enough to send me your compliance and your note of permission on my following address and oblige.

Yours Faithfully



Excursion Committee,

Modern Public School

My address of correspondence:


Secretary, Excursion Committee.

Modern Public School

At & Post

City Name

NarutoklopediA: Request

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