How to write a letter to the younger brother expressing your disapproval of his conduct and urging him to mend his ways?

My Dear Brother,

First, I confer my blessing on you. I am well here in the High School, Hostel. I hope that you and others are well. Yesterday, I got a letter from home. Our Dad has written that you are getting idle and extravagant. Dad is very much sorry for this. I too cannot be happy over such conduct with you.

Dear brother (name), mind it, idleness is bad for all. It is worst for a child and worst for a student also. So idleness will ruin your career. it is said that idleness is the devil’s workshop. It is true to the letters. Hence, an idle man gets into all kinds of evil. If you wish to build a bright career, you should cast off your idleness.

Extravagance is no doubt, a bad nature with a person. An extravagant man gets into debit and ruins himself. Hence, you should be no more extravagant. For this, please mark monthly budget and spend your money accordingly.


Please convey my best regards to our parents.

Your Loving Brother

Your Name

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