How to write a letter to your father about how you spent the money that he had given you?

Your Current Place


My Dear Daddy,

At first, I pay you my heartfelt respect. I am well here. I hope that you are well at home.


In the early July when I started for the hostel you have given me Rs. 3000 (Rupees three thousand) only. I have spent the amount on my due expenses. The account is given below please send me Rs. 2550/- for my expenses in the current month (August)

I pay my respect to you and to mother.

Your Loving Son

Your Name

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Account of the Money, Spent


Amount (in Rupees)


Hostel dues for the session – 1800

Hostel seat-rent for June and July -180

Electricity charge for July – 50

School fees for June and July – 280

Washing soap in July – 30

Hair Cutting – 20

A English Dictionary – 200

Foolscap paper and exercise Notebook – 200

Total Rs. 2760/-

Balance in hand Rs. 240/-


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