How to write a letter to your father to give higher education to your sister?

My Dear Dad,

My heart-felt respect may kindly be accepted. I am very glad to know that Lilly has passed the Final Examination. In her letter she has written me that she desires to get higher education in the Christ College which is only a mile’s distance from our home, but I am very sorry to know that you do not intend to give her higher education.

Dear Dad, you do not realize that time has changed. The world is running apace and we shall have to march with the time. The women have proved that they are, in no way, inferior to men. They have done miracles in the field of science and politics an they once had done in the days of the Vedas. Our country is a democratic country. Every citizen should be educated to make it a success. if the women fall behind, Our Country cannot be able to progress well.

I, therefore suggest that you should put an ideal in our locality by giving Lilly higher education. So that others will follow your example. Higher education for women has got many other virtues. An educated lady never feels helpless, if she ever be neglected by her husband. She shall not remain a parasite on a unwilling family. Therefore, I request you, dad to revise your opinion and send Lilly to College in the beginning of the session.


Your Loving Son

Your Name

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