How to write a letter to your friend about a picnic that you had?

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My Dear Friend,

Please take my friendly salute. Yesterday, I got your letter. you have asked me to write you about my school picnic. I am writing it below.


On the 8th may. Our half-yearly examination was over. On the very next day, we the student of Class VIII went on a picnic. We were forty in number. We made the picnic in a mango grove. It was half a mile from the school. We cooked rice, dal (Indian dish made with stewed legumes (esp. lentils), onion and spices) curry of cauliflower, curry of cabbages, salad of tomato and fry of potato. We invited our teachers. They came in time to our picnic. First, we entertained our teachers. Then we sat for meals. Each item was tasteful. Then, sang songs. We moved about the place. We climbed the trees. We played at cards. Then, we carried all the articles and came back. it was evening when we reached our homes.

Dear Friend, in this way we made the picnic. Please tell my respect to your parents.

Your Loving Friend

Your Name

Picnic Blanket And Basket In Sunny Field by Jo Ann Snover

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