How to write a letter to your friend about an excursion that you had?

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My Dear Friend,

Please take my friendly salute. Yesterday, I got your letter. You have asked me to write you about an excursion that I had. I am writing it below.


Forty students of our School went on an excursion to Zoo during the Puja holidays. I was one among them. On the fixed day, we went to the bus-stand. Our School Teacher went with us. We caught the morning bus and started our journey by it. We reached a bazaar and our bus halted and we took some Tiffin in a restaurant.

At 3 P.M. we reached the Zoo lies in the lap of nature. It is very nice to see. Beautiful plants of fruit and flower have been raised. We went to see the sanctuary. For this, we had to pay 10 rupees each. There are many kinds of birds, beasts, reptiles and aquatic animals in the sanctuary. We saw these animals. There is a quite large natural tank of water. We took to boating and found much pleasure in it. We had to pay special fees for this. Then we reserved a bus and came back to our School in the same night. This excursion was very interesting.

Dear friend, now you can make some idea about the excursion that I had. Please tell me respect to your parents.


Your Loving Friend

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