How to write a letter to your friend about the prize-day at your School?

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My Dear Friend,

Please take my friendly salute. I got your letter. You have asked me to write you about the prize-day at our school. I am writing it below.


For the prize-day, we decorated the gate, the compound and the meeting-place. The prize-day fell on the 10th March. The Chief Minister was the president of the prize-meeting. A girl-student hung a garland round his neck. I sang the opening song behind the screen. Then our Headmaster read out annual report. The president then gave the prize to the prize-winners. The president gave his speech at last. Then we made the variety show.

Dear Friend, in this way we observed the prize day at our school. I got prize for essay-writing. Please tell my respect to your parents.

Your Loving Friend

Your Name

The Laidlaw Memorial School

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