How to write a letter to your friend about your first day in High School?

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My Dear Friend,

Please take my friendly salute, I got your letter. You have asked me to write you about my first day in High School. I am writing it below.


On last Monday I went with my dad to the Modern High  School. I took admission and sat in Class VIII. Only fifteen students took admission till then. So, the class was very thing. Admission work was going on in the school-office. That day i attended the prayer-class.

In the first period, our class-teacher came to our classroom. He made the roll-call. He saw that the class was very thin. So, he did not teach anything. He told us a nice story. in the second period our English teacher came. He asked us our names and the names of our old schools. Another teacher came in the third period. He called  out the routine and the book-list for us. That day, our class was suspended after the 3rd period.

Dear Friend, in this was I spent my first day in Class VIII. Please tell my respect to your parents.


Your loving friend,


First day of school pic | Parma Heights Christian Academy

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