How to write a letter to your friend describing a cinema picture which appealed you very much?

My Dear Friend,

Please accept my friendly salute. I got your letter. You have asked me to describe a cinema picture which appealed me very much. I am writing it below.

Very recently, I have visited the film ‘Rama Rajya’ at the Cinema Hall. It is an old movie which was brought here for a night only.

At the beginning there were shown many object of the king Rama’s reign which are not possible in the present time. These objects, included very big mangoes on the large mongo-trees, quite big and healthy bullocks ploughed in fields and very big and healthy milch cow grazing very long grasses. Everything in the reign of Ram was big and plenty.


The film ‘Rama Rajya’ presented the story of Rama and Sita. It presented how the king Rama decided to give his queen Sita in order to please his subjects, how he managed through Lakshman to leave Sita in the forest close to the hermitage of the sage Valmiki, how Valmiki came across the weeping Sita and took her to his rescue. How Sita who was carrying then months gave birth to the twin sons, how her sons Laba and Kusha were taught every art by the sage Valmiki, how these boys arrested the sacred horse of Rama, how they fought and defeated Rama’s soldiers, how Sita was offered another fire test and how the sad Sita dropped into the interior of the earth never to return again.

The presentation of the whole film was very lovely. The figures of Rama, Lakshman, Sita and Valmiki were quite impressive. The music was nice, the song, the twin princes recited before the king Rama in the royal court was really very charming.

Dear Friend, I hope this description will give you some idea about the film ‘Rama Rajya’ which appealed me very much.


Your Loving Friend

Your Name

Bear Town Cinema 6

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