How to write a letter to your friend, describing a weeding at which you were present?

My Dear Friend,

Please accept my friendly salute. I have received your letter. You have asked me to describe a weeding at which I was present. I am writing it below.

Recently, my uncle gave her daughter. Padmini in marriage with a graduate named Shreekanta. My uncle invited me. I went there, three days prior to this marriage. There, I stayed till the wedding was over.

A shrine for weeding was made in my uncle’s courtyard. There was a bamboo-shed over the shrine. Before  the day of wedding Padmini was taken to the village deity to say her prayer. She was accompanied by the lady barber. Most of the time she took her seat in a specified room with her girl friends. Most of the time she shed tears. Her friends, to shed tears for her. Her mother and others also shed tears for her. Her mother and other shed tears of sorrow. Because Padmini would leave them forever to go to her husband’s house.


They day passed on an evening came. In the third quarter of the night the bridegroom came in sate. He was placed in a wooden palanquin, which was carried by eight bearers. His father, his cousins and many of his relatives came with him. He also bought the rum party and fire-works. He also brought the chandelles of many colors red, blue, and yellow. They made a grand procession and reached my uncle’s house. My uncle and his priest received the bridegroom in the customary way.

The night vanished and the day dawned. At 12 noon the marriage was held on the shrine. The right hand of the bridegroom was tied to the left hand of the bride. The priests chanted the wedding rituals. The conch-shell was blown. The drum was beaten. There was a noise and confusion. Now, the main part of the ceremony was over.

Next, day, my uncle sent Padmini in a separate palanquin. This palanquin was closed on all sides. Shreekanta too sat in his own palanquin. My uncle handed over all the dowries that he had promised. Everything ended there.

Dear Friend, now you can understand the process of the Hindu sacramental marriage.


Your Loving Friend

Your Name

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