How to write a letter to your younger brother about the working-day of your school?

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Dear Your Younger Brother Name,

Take my blessing. Yesterday, I got your letter. You have asked me to write you about the working-day of my school. I am writing it below.


On a working-day, our school starts at 10:30 A.M. Before the school-peon rings the working bell. Then he rings the prayer-bell. We all join the mass prayer. The first period begins at 10:30 A.M. The first four periods are forty-five minutes each. After the first four periods we get a recess of half-an hour. After the recess only three periods are done. These three periods are forty minutes each. At 4 P.M. the school is over in the periods teachers come to the classes. They teach different subjects. Roll call is done in the first period. The Headmaster takes less number of periods. He sits in the office and attends to the file-work. The clerk helps him. The Headmaster grants our applications. He also rejects some requests. In the game-period we play different kinds of game. After the school is over we come back home. In the morning sittings of the school the time-table is changed.

Dear Brother, this letter will give you a general idea about the working day or our school. Please tell my respects to our parents.

Your Loving Brother

Your Name

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