How to write a proposal letter to the principal of a college regarding the updation of Library Management System ?

The Principal
Global Science College

Sub (Updation of Library Management Software)

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to send our best services for the installation and Updation of Library Management Software.



___________________ , as the name denotes is founded with a noble mission to promote software development, dynamic website deigning, Presentation, Animation, Hardware, AMC and to provide technological solutions in the allied disciplines. There is nothing more important than our customers and no objective more paramount than the very best. Over the years, our ability to consistently deliver leading-edge solutions and the highest client satisfaction in the IT sector has made us the undisputed leader.

Library Management System

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Library Software Framework

  • Front End : Visual Basic
  • Back end  : Access
  • Architecture : Client Server


Software Modules Includes

  • Book Entry Form
  • Student Details Form
  • Staff Details Form
  • Issue of Books to Student
  • Issue of Books to Staff
  • Deposit of Books from Student
  • Deposit of Books from Staff
  • Interactive Reporting System
  • User Login
  • Back and Restore of Database
  • Help

Support: We provide strong support for maintenance and smooth running of the software through out the year. Our support includes email support, phonic support, correspondence support and chatting support.

  • Phonic Support: ………………………………….
  • Email Support: ……………………………………
  • Chatting Support: Yahoo Messenger , Gmail, Skype

Cost of updation of Library Software

The total cost for the updation of software will be Rs 50000/- (Fifty thousand only)
Terms and Conditions

  • Rs 12,00,000/- (Twelve lakhs only) advance payment should be given to us along with the work order.
  • The rest payment must be cleared within 7 days after the updation of the software.



Waiting for an early response.



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