How to write a proposal letter to your client for suggesting them to add CMS (Content Management System ) to their existing website ?

Write a proposal letter to your client for suggesting them to add CMS (Content Management System ) to their existing website.

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Delhi Municipal Corporation

Sub (Addition of Content Management system to your official website.)


Dear Sir,

As per the discussion we are pleased to send our best services for the implementation of Content Management system to the existing website.


___________________________ , as the name denotes is founded with a noble mission to promote software development, dynamic website deigning, Presentation, Animation, Hardware, AMC and to provide technological solutions in the allied disciplines. There is nothing more important than our customers and no objective more paramount than the very best. Over the years, our ability to consistently deliver leading-edge solutions and the highest client satisfaction in the IT sector has made us the undisputed leader.

Implementation of Website (Annexure 1)

  1. Registration of Server Space 10 GB for year.
  1. Registration of SQL Server database.
  2. Designing of the dynamic website powered by Content Management System (CMS)
  3. Development of the front end and back end of the CMS.
  4. Flash Animation
  5. Creation of 5 emails id’s as per the requirement.
  6. Creation of Visitor’s Hit-counter.
  7. Creation of Who is online module.
  8. Development of dynamic Photo Album module for the website. The album allows creating at least 25 categories of photo galleries.
  9. Uploading of files
  10. GZip (Compression of the website for faster loading)


Development Cost: The total cost for the above purpose is Rs 6,50,000 (Six lacks fifty thousand only)

With the rise of WWW (World Wide Wed) website have arisen as the best way to broadcast information over the internet. It is perhaps the fastest, cheapest and effective medium of communication and thus the advance of the same must be utilized intelligently.  We at _________________________ are always enthusiast to provide our best of the best services to your organization.

Waiting for an early response.




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