How to write an Application for a Job post (Software Developer )?

An application for employment falls into three parts:

  1. An introduction starting whether the writer is writing in response to an advertisement or he is writing on his own initiative. A brief reference is made to the nature of the post applied for.
  2. A statement of his age, qualification and experience.
  3. Reference to testimonials and an assurance of the applicant’s earnestness of purpose. p

Here is an example of application for the post of a Software Developer.

3458, M.G. Road

21st May, 2009


The Manager
Interactive Solutions Ltd


Dear Sir

Application for the post of a software developer


In response to your advertisement in The Hindustan Times, dated 18th May, 2009, I submit my application for the post of a Software Developer as I desire to be employed in a larger firm than that in which I am working at present.

As regards my qualification, I passed the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination in 2004 from Otnip Academy, Naini Tal. Then I studied for two years at the International Commercial College, New Delhi, taking courses in sofware development,website desginging and Error checking.

Since June 2007, I have been working as a Junior Programmer in the office of the Importers Exporters Solutions Ltd., Goa, where I have had practice and experience in all types of programming and development. I am able to developed sophisticated web based software with interactive reporting system.

Furthermore, I am able to do independent developer software based on biometric finger print device ; and I have a thorough knowledge of the Time attendance system architecture.


I am 24 yrs old; and have good health. A salary of about 24,000/- a month would induce me to change my present position. My present employers have no objection to my desire to improve my prospects. You may refer to them about my character and abilities. I am also enclosing here with some of my testimonials which may be of some help to you to assess my abilities

If I am appointed as a software developer, I assure you, Sir, that I will do my best to satisfy you with my work and conduct.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully,

(Your Name)

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