How to write an application to the authorities concerned to open a post-office in your locality ?

The Postmaster-General,

With due respect we want to say that we need a post-office in our village Balipada P.S Barang, Dist, Cuttack. Our present post-office at Barang is over taxed with works. Because it is situated in an industrial town where thousand of people are working. It is also in charge of a large number of villages. So it, is not in a position to manage the affairs. Hence, a post office is badly needed at Balipada. A post-office at Balipada will never cause any financial loss to your department. Becuase Balipada is a place of a bi-weekly market. A high school and a Sub-Registrar’s Office are there. Numerous people of this area are working in Paradip, Roulkela, Kolkata, Assam and Tata Nagar. They make weekly and monthly money orders to their homes in this area. There are a large number of hamlets around the village.

Therefore, we pray that you will be kind enough to open a post office at Balipada and oblige.

Yours faithfully
The villagers of Balipada

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