How to write an application to the Police Station to search for your missing younger brother?

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The Police Officer,

City Police, Cuttack



With due respect, I beg to say that my younger brother Sanathan is missing under the following circumstances. We came to City Name to see Karnal Cricus at Killa Maidan. We visited the second show on 10th September. After that show was over we came back to City Centre. The boy was following me. At City Centre, I looked back found him absent. I searched for him but failed.

Therefore, I pray that you will be kind enough to search for the boy and oblige.

City Name


Dt. 11th July,

Marks of Identification of the missing boy:-

  1. 1. About four feet high.
  2. 2. A black mole on his nose.
  3. 3. Wore a black half-paint and a blue T-Shirt.

Yours Faithfully




Post Box No.

Missing: Stories: Kristyna Wentz-graff

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