How to write an application to the Recruiting Officer at Cuttack, mentioning your qualification and sating why you desire to Join the army ?

The Recruiting Officer


With due respect and humble submission , I want to state that I want to hold a suitable post in a rank befitting to my qualification in the army of India.As to my qualification, I want to state that I have appeared at the BSC final year Examination, this year (Annual) under Utkal University, Orissa, Bhubaneswar. from the Ravenshaw College , Cuttack.
I am quite strong in English, Hindi, Oriya and Mathematics. I am now six feet and 2 inches high. My weight is now 80 kg. My Chest is 44 inches when I breath in and 42 inches when I breath out. I was a member of the School N.C.C I was also a sincere athlete during my school life, I am young and energetic person of 23 years of age with a robust and active body. I belong to Vill.Kelarahand, P.S Barang, Dist, Cuttack, Orissa.

The love of country impels me to work for the Defence of India. I think it is my moral obligation to come forward to join the army. Army service is smart and active. It builds up a common man into a fine soldier. Hence, I desire to Join the army.
I, therefore, pray that you will be king enough to suitably appoint me for which I shall be highly obliged to you.


Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully

Birendra Kumar Badajena.

How to join indian army after ug? (with pictures, videos) Answermeup

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