How to Write an letter to Junior Engineer, Electrical Division for change of Service Wire ?

If you want to change your Meter Service Wire and the JE is not listening to your request, then before taking any serious actions against him, first try to give a normal letter to him and ask him to received the letter and sign on it’s Xerox copy so that you will have a proof that you have given an application to the JE for change of Service Wire. Later on this copy of the letter is going to help you tremendously for taking strict legal actions against him or whoever who comes in your way.

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Junior Engineer
Subdivision Name
Sub (Immediate change of Service Wire- MTR SL No- XXXXXXXXXXX)

Dear Sir,


I venture to bring to your kind notice that I want to change my Service Wire immediately. I also want to state that after discussion with ________________ of Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission, New Delhi and Er. __________________ (Customer Service) it came to my knowledge that generally it taken 1 to 2 days to change the Service Wire and also they assured us to help us to do the said work at an early date.

Therefore I request you to kindly change my Service Wire urgently. We are always interested to fully co-operate with you and also hope to get the same amount of co-operation from your side and obliged.

Thanking you

Your Name
Phone Number

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