How to write outstanding letters to your friend ?

Sample – 1

My dear Friend,

In your previous letter you wrote to me something about the newspapers in England and you have sought my views about the newspapers in India. Well, I am trying to portray my own views about these newspapers.

India is the confluence of many streams of thought that merge together to make her a secular state. India the newspapers have been playing yeoman’s role in the freedom struggle. These papers virtually mobilized public opinion in gather pre-independence days. Our freedom struggle owes a lot to these newspapers. Their contribution can hardly be mi8nimised in this respect.

India happens to be a Democratic State. She adheres certain norms of decency. The Government encourages all the newspapers whether they criticize or support the Government. In a Democracy, the opposition has got to survive and for this purpose it must have the support of the press. The role of the opposition is very important. Therefore, a number of papers always keep the Government alert. An alert opposition is a vital need of the hour and every Democracy should be proud of it.


But we find that some of the papers indulge in slander and libel. They incite the feelings of certain sections of population which is against the spirit of the Indian Constitution. That is why the Government imposed censorship on the papers. I do not justify their step, for according to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, a free Press is highly essential in a Democracy.

Thus, Press remained gagged in India during the emergency and now all the curbs on the press have been lifted and India is again on the royal road of progress. India is moving forward at a terrific pace. The defect of the Congress in the Parliamentary Elections in 1977 was mainly due to the undemocratic actions of the erstwhile Congress regime when the people and the press both were suppressed. A reign of terror was let loose.

Now the Press is free, but it has acce4psted a code of conduct and it wishes to stay away from slanderous writings. Now healthy criticism is poured into every paper. It is the vital need of the hour.

The Indian Press now is not the appendage of the Government but it is free to express views of the readers or its own editors. The newspapers are published in many languages and the Hindi and English newspapers are sold to the maximum possible extent.


The yellow Press is doomed and now a more healthy writing practice prevails. Thugs the Indian Press can be proud to be the most laudable Fourth Estate in the world. Free Press is the guarantee of freedom.

Please do keep me in touch with the affairs in England. Let me know if I am of any service to you.

With kindest regards,

Yours sincerely,

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Sample – 2

My dear friend,

Our country is culturally rich and historically splendid. But the grinding poverty of the masses in our country is like an ulcer on the fair face of our country. This problem of penury has been hanging fire since the dawn of independence.

The irony of the situation is that even the most highly literate people are roaming about in search of petty jobs that elude them so often. In the matter of appointment of these highly qualified people much of favoritism is rampant. The live registers of the Employment Exchanges speak their own story and thousands of engineers. The free Indian Government has failed to solve this problem. The result is that a large number of talented youth has gone over to the foreign countries causing a gigantic Brain Drain.

The causes of a large scale unemployment in our country are not far to seek. The same hackneyed system of education prevails to this day. There has been little change in this shyster. Therefore, the graduates and the post-graduates every year swell the number of the unemployed youths in the country.

Again the biggest trouble is that the literate youth want the white-collar jobs, which are not many. Most of them do not believe in the dignity of labor as advocated by the Father of the Nation. They have got the slavish mentality.

Every country has a limited potential to absorb the ever-increasing number of graduates and post-graduates every year that leave their universities. The best way to tackle the problem of unemployment is that the literate youth should get self-employment is the best remedy of all these ills. The Government must impart technical education of these youths straightway from the college stage or even the school stage.

Planned economy needs planned system of employment. Let the Government take the cue from it and plan ahead to absorb the graduates and non-graduates in the country’s economy.

This, I think is the only way of combating this menace. I am sure you will agree to my contentions. I have answered your query that you made a year ago. I must welcome your own views on this issue. Please let me know if I am of any service to you.

Yours sincerely,

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