How to write a Persuasion Letter ?

Writing in which the author expresses his convictions and argues in favour of them is a persuasive writing. The purpose of such a writing is usually to convince the reader of the writer’s point of view. Such writing requires the author to write in such a way that what he writes would result in a particular course of action being taken. The writer may make a list of facts or give examples in support of his opinion. He may also prove his point by giving reasonable arguments arrived at through logical thinking. A combination of evidence and reasonable arguments is probably most effective.

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Given below are the outlines for a letter to the Chairman of your local Council which you point out the need for more recreational facilities in your community:

  • A statement of the existing situation.
  • A comparison with similar situation elsewhere.
  • A proposal for change.
  • Statement of the likely benefits of such a change.
  • Likely objections to the proposed change with your answers to each objection.
  • Conclusion: a brief reiteration of your proposals and their likely benefits.

Such assignments are usually interesting to write but they inevitably involve the use of such potentially difficult modals as should, ought to, would and could and of conditional clauses (e.g. “If we had a youth centre, I am sure there would be less crime.”)


Here is a letter written to the Director of the Language Commission. Note what arguments are put forward to present the writer’s point of view.

15, Cantonment Street

Idipur – 900031

31st May, 2009


The Director

Language Commission of India

New Delhi 110001

Dear Sir,


We in Idipur need a State language which should be closest to our soul. I feel that without its own language, a State lacks identify. Why should we, who have our own languages in the Sate, be compelled to study a language which is alien to the majority of our people. We should be proud to say that Konkani is our State language. I am convinced that only Konkani can bring us a sense of belonging. If we are to pull together in the forward march of progress and prosperity, we need a language which we all know, love and understand. Such a language is necessary for the development of our culture. A recent survey has shown what the majority of Idipur people feel about their language. 89.7 per cent of the people interviewed during this survey wanted Konkani as the State language. It points our, without doubt, that Konkani is closer to the State soul than any other language or dialect.

Besides what has been stated above, Konkani is a perfectly adequate language for expressing thoughts, feelings and ideas. Our forefathers used this language and never found any difficulty in expressing themselves. However, it cannot denied that we face difficulties sometimes as far as scientific and technical subjects are concerned but these could be overcome in course of time. After all, Rome was not built in day. It is quite possible to print books dealing with science and technology in Konkani.

As we have already said, Konkani is the most spoken language in Idipur. There are also other advantages. Education through the medium of Konkani would be much easier. Communication in State also would benefit. Trade and commerce would automatically become more efficient. Above all the common man would be the beneficiary if Konkani is given its due impotence.

Therefore, for the reasons given above, I firmly uphold that Konkani should be adopted as our State language.

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