How to write to the Editor of a Newspaper appealing for fun to relieve the suffers from a flood?


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I write this letter to you for favour of your kind publication in your daily newspaper ‘”The Times.”

This year in this rainy season, the rivers were in spate. The river has broken through her embankments and has swept away a large number of villages. Many people are drowned in this flood Many people are on their roofs floating in the imminent danger of drowning. They are piteously crying for help, but there is none to help them. A few groups of men, women and children have taken shelter on the high where flood water cannot reach. But they have nothing to eat. Property worth fifty million of rupees has been destroyed. There is none to stand by people at their misfortune. People are felling utter helplessness.

So, I request you to publish this letter and to make an editorial comment over this sad plight of the poor people. It is still raining and this additional rain has added to the misery of the homeless people who are locked by the flood water all around. Any delay in the relief work will prove disastrous on them. Hence, I request you to expedite your acting and oblige.


Yours Faithfully

Your Name

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