Invitation letter to your friend inviting him to spend few days with you at your village

My dear Name,

I think you heartily for you kind invitation to me to stay for a few days with you.  But I am sorry, my dear friend, that I cannot leave my village home now. Rather, I like that you should pay a visit to our village and spend a few days with us.

I may assure you that you will like our village. It is not far away from Delhi. Communication easy. Our village has a railway station and a cycle rickshaw will carry you direct from the station to our house which is only a mile off from the station.

In our village we enjoy most of the town life. The main roads of the village are metalled. You know that our Government is trying to electrify the rural areas as quickly as possible. Our village has been including in the scheme. The roads are, therefore, well lighted at night; we have got electric connection in our house. There are tube wells on the roadside to supply pure drinking water to the villagers. You can hire a cycle rickshaw at any time you like if you want to save time in case of urgent necessity.


We have in our village a secondary school. A proposal in on foot to start a collage also. So it may be said that there is good arrangement of educational facilities. We have a public library also in the village. We have a health center. This helps the villagers when they require medical aid. There are also many shops which supply the articles of daily necessity.

Thus we enjoy in our rural area most of the advantages of the town life. On the other hand it is free from many evils of the town life. Here you will be free from the din and bustle, hurry and scurry of the town life. It is calm and quit. You will and pure air which you generally miss in Calcutta unless you go to the maiden in the morning and evening. We have green fields and trees and there’s a river flowing by our village. It is really pleasure to have a morning or evening walk by the riverside. You may enjoy a trip by boat in the river in the evening.

You are a good sportsman. Here you can show your skill as a footballer. We have a nice playground in front of our school.

It is now summer. We have plenty of mango trees in our orchards. You can pluck as many mangoes as you like. If you are fond of angling, you may catch fish in our pond which abounds with big fish. In our cowshed we have several milk cows. They supply us with fresh and pure milk.


Thus you will fell the least inconvenience here. If you come, and I hope you will, it will be an agreeable change for you. The climate is bracing. A few days of village life surely charm you and give you fresh life and vigor. My parents send their blessings to you and will be glad if you come,

Your sincere friend,



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