Job Application in response to an Advertisement

A Sample job application (Marketing Executives, Accountants) in response to an advertisement.


Wanted male/female Marketing Executives, Accountants, atleast one year experience and MBA qualified. Salary no constraint for the right candidate.

Sample Application



The (Designation) e.g. Manager/HR

Organization Name

Sub : Application for the post of Accountant



With reference to your advertisement in News Paper(Name), dated dd/mm/yyyy, for the posts of Marketing Executives, Accountants, etc. I offer myself as a candidate for the post of Accountant. So far as my academic and other qualifications are concerned, the same are indicated in the following bio-data:

1. Name

2. Father’s Name


3. Date of Birth

4. Educational Qualifications

5. Nationality

6. Marital Status

7. Experience:

8. Reference:

a. Professor:

Your Name and Address

b. Area:

Name and Address

Curricular :

Apart from the above mentioned bio-data, I have an additional record of extra- auricular activities. I took part in debates, dramas and sports at inter school and college level and won many prizes from time to time.

In the light of the above-mentioned facts, I request you to consider my application favorably. I like to assure you, that you will never feel disappointed with my work and conduct. I believe in working with full dedication and positive attitude.

Yours faithfully


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