Job application letter for ‘Fresh Graduate’ Trainees

Sample Job application letter for ‘Fresh Graduate’ Trainees.





Company Name


Subject: Application for ‘Fresh Graduate Trainees’

Dear Sir,


With reference to your advertisement in today’s “Newspaper Name”, on the subject cited above, I would like to offer my application for your favourable consideration.

I have passed B.Com (Hons.) examination this year from University ……………………(name) and have been placed in first class. I offered Advanced Accountancy and Auditing as my special subjects and have secured 83% and 72% marks respectively. In my Higher Secondary Examination which I passed from University ……………………(name) in …………(year), I secured first class with an aggregate percentage of 74.

Throughout my school and college career I have always taken a keen interest in sports and extra-curricular activities and various testimonials in support of the same are attached herewith.

I am 22 years old with sound physique.


I know English and French.

While my distinction is generally in accounts I would prefer to be trained for some responsible position in your Sales Department.

An interview will assure you that I can fill one of the executive posts to your complete satisfaction

Yours faithfully,


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