Job application letter for the post of an accounts assistant

This is a sample job application letter for the post of an accounts assistant.





Company Name


Re: Your advertisement in today’s “Newspaper” for the post of an Accounts Assistant.

Dear Sir,


With reference to above, I submit below full particulars of my age, qualifications, experience, etc.

Name : …………………………

Age : 29 years

Educational :


(i) Higher Secondary from University …………… in the year ……………(year) with high second class.

(ii) National Diploma in Commerce from Delhi Polytechnic, Delhi, with Advanced Accountancy (87%) and Auditing (72%) as my special subjects. The aggregate percentage of marks was 68. Passed in 19–.

(iii) B. Com (Hons.) from the University of Delhi in the year ……………with high Second Class.

Apprenticeship : (i) Having passed my Diploma Course I was sent to Reserve Bank of India for one year’s training. This training was arranged by Delhi Polytechnic in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

(ii) I had the opportunity in almost all the departments of the bank, particularly Receipts (Bills), Payment(Bills), Drafts, Correspondence and Records.

I was being paid a monthly stipend of Rs. 3000

Experience : (i) Jr. Accounts Assistant: In India Air lines Corporation, New Delhi. The main duties assigned were Costing and Posting of Goods Received Notes Stores Issue Requistions, Goods Returned Notes and Inventory of Stock with Ledger Accounts.

I worked there for a period of one year and was being paid a monthly salary of Rs. 7500.

(ii) Account Assistant: For the last 5 years I am working as an Accounts Assistant in one of the prominent semi-Government concerns. The main duties assigned to me are:

Checking and passing of Bills (Stationery and Printing, Trunkcall and Telephone, Electricity, Sale of Books and Magazines, etc.) for Payment; Making out yearly budgets; posting and maintaining of different Accounts. Registers and Ledger Independent Correspondence with all accounts matters.

Sports and Games : I was one among Cricket XI in my college and a very good of Volley-ball.

Extra-Curricula activities : I was President of college Association and I am Secretary of Chit Fund Society in my present employment.

References : Sri…………………………, M.L.A. Sri…………………………, Magistrate. My present employees.

Present Salary and other benefits drawn : (i) Salary Rs. 9000 per month

(ii) Provident Fund at 8-1/3%

(iii) Free Medical Facilities for all members of family.

Expected Salary : Rs. 12000 per month

Notice period : One Month

A copy of photograph is attached herewith along with other certificates and testimonials as desired.

I am confident that you will find the above details suitable for the post advertised by you and shall kindly grant me an interview to give any further information which you might like to have.

Yours faithfully



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