Letter from Brother to Sister

Dear ………………(Sister Name),

Reena has got the first prize in light music recital at school. She is thrilled about it and is showing the little trophy she won to everyone so proudly! She says she wants to learn classical music and dance. She wants to become an actress!

Your friend Anupama came here the day before yesterday. She did not know that you were not here. She will be writing to you.

Mummy has brought a silk sari for you. She will send it to you through Vimal. He is also going to Mumbai next week. It is her present to you for scoring eighty percent in your examination.


It is good news that you have got a new friend who is a nice girl. What is she like? Please write to us more about her.

My friend Rajinder is going to the Gulf next week. He has got a job in an America Company there. Lucky guy! He has promised to get me a job too. But I am not interested in going abroad. I would like to serve my own country. I am planning to go to Kolkata. What do you think? Dad has no objections, but mummy wants me to be near her always.

I am sending you a photograph of Reena receiving her trophy. She wanted me to send it to you so that you too could be proud of her. Convey our best wishes to your new friend. Next time there will be a surprise for you? Wait for that!


Your loving brother,

Your Name

Big Brother, Little Sister I by Eirian-stock on DeviantArt

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