Letter from father to Principal of an Intermediate College regarding the admission of his son:

Dear Sir,

My son Sushil has passed the High School examination of the State Board in first division and with distinction in three subjects: Science, Biology and English. My son was a regular student of RN Inter College. But since I have been transferred from that place to this place, we had to withdraw him from there. By now we are certainly quite late because as I think admissions are completed by the end of July. Kindly let me know whether a vacancy exists in your college for the admission of my son in Class XI or whether you can arrange to favour him with admission by your special powers even if the seats are filled.

Please send me any other particulars which you think I should submit for obtaining his admission.

Thanking you,

Reply to above P -60

Dear Sir,


With reference to your query dated dd-mm-yy about the possibility of admission of your son, you are informed that since your ward is a talented boy, we may admit him in our college by special powers though all seats are already filled. But you will make further delay for his admission at your own responsibility. You should please send application for admission accom­panied by transfer certificate and character certificate from the institution last attended.

Yours faithfully,


The Academy for College Admission Counseling

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