Letter to friend after a long time telling him how you rescued a boy from fire

Letter to friend after a long time telling him how you rescued a body from fire.

My dear Name,

It’s a long time since we have exchanged letters. I hope everything fine there. My friend, let me tell you about an incident I was involved in, rescuing a boy from fire. Yesterday a shocking incident took place in our village. We were returning from school. On the way we heard uproar in the distance. We looked up and saw flames of fire and huge smoke curling up. At once we concluded that there was an outbreak of fire.

We hastened to the spot and found that a thatched house containing several rooms has caught fire. Many villagers flocked to the scene. They all tried their best to put on the fire and save their property. The inmates of the house, of course, were crying at their loss. There was a great confusion. In the midst of this a lady of the house burst out crying that her baby was left in one of the burning rooms. Though her grief was terrible none ventured to enter the burning room.


I felt pity for the poor lady. An idea struck my mind. I covered my body all over with wet gunny cloth and rush into the room. With some difficulty I found that the child was crying helplessly. Fortunately the child was unhurt. At once I rushed out with the child. The joy of the mother knew no bounds.

She blessed me and prayed for my long life. Everyone present admired my courage and presence of mind. I also now feel how I had the courage to enter a burning house. The fire was brought under control. But the rooms were greatly damaged. Many movable properties were burnt. It causes a great loss. But I had the satisfaction of saving the life of the child.

More when we meet. With best wishes and love to you,

Yours ever,




A Lucid Reality: Burning Down the House

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