Letter to Newspaper, about the neglect of priceless Historical Monuments

A sample letter to a Newspaper, about the Neglect of priceless Historical Monuments in and around your city.


The Editor

Newspaper Name



I, being a responsible citizen of free India, consider it my duty to attract public attention, through the esteemed columns of your prestigious newspaper, towards the neglectful and miserable conditions of Historical Monuments. They are the evidential witnesses of our past glory and grandeur. They are the proven records of our past history, but have fallen victims to the criminal neglect of the officials concerned. I also brought it, to the notice of Archaeological Survey of India society, but there was no response. This callous indifference on the part of authorities concerned has compelled me to approach you and the general public through this letter.

Sir, if you personally visit some of the monuments, like—the Humayun’s Tomb, Tughlak-Qila, Qutub Minar, etc., you will realize that they are losing their shape and sheen and are getting dilapidated day by day in the flames of times. Their walls are mouldering, roofs are getting cracked, their bricks and stone pieces are losing plaster and the top corners of walls have already crumbled. All this is due to the lack of proper maintenance. These monuments are the heritage of the glorious period of our past history.

I am shocked to witness the sight of these worn and torn monuments. I request you to oblige me by publishing this letter in your paper so that the authorities concerned are awakened in time and the priceless historical monuments could be saved and preserved.


Thanking you,

Yours truly

Your Name

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