Letter to the editor of a Newspaper, about the misuse of Public Park.

A sample letter to the Editor of a Newspaper, about the misuse and poor Maintenance of the Public Park in your area.


The Editor

Newspaper Name


Sub: Poor maintenance of public park


Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I want to draw attention of the authorities concerned, towards the poor maintenance of the public park in NCL Colony.

Public parks are the lungs of the locality, where residents come and refresh their tired and fatigued minds. But in our colony, the park is not well maintained or say, not at all maintained. It suffers due to the utter neglect of the authorities. The residents of nearby basti are using the area as a public convenience. Moreover, some rowdies create disturbance and do not help in the upkeep of the park. Miscreants sit and gamble here in broad daylight. They create disturbance and affect the normal health and hygiene of the common man. In reality, the park, presently, is a safety heaven for all types of evil characters. Also, the park has become the favourite halting place of stray cattle and dogs.


If no immediate actions are taken, the park will turn into a devil’s den and a cause of nuisance for the colony.

I hope, the authorities concerned will take immediate action in the matter.

Yours faithfully

Your Name

Bryant Park Blog: March 2014

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