Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper, drawing attention of the government officials.

Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper, drawing attention of the government officials towards the problem of Inavailability of Bus Stops near your area.


The Editor

Newspaper Name


Sub: Providing bus-stops nearby the colony


Through the esteemed columns of your prestigious newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the Government towards the problem of non-availability of bus stops in the surrounding area near Area Name. These apartments are spread within the radius of atleast 4 kms and are situated on the main road. One can notice the running of buses on the main road, to and for all the destinations of Delhi after every five minutes, but they don’t stop here.

It is rather very strange to note that the government has not provided enough bus stops to cover all the apartments and colonies along the road. The residents have to walk more than 2 kms. to catch a local bus. Hiring of a rickshaw or three wheeler is very costly for a common man. The chilly or the hot rough weather often puts the passengers in a great discomfort. This also wastes time, energy, stamina and strength of the commuter.


For lady commuters, it is all the more difficult from the safety point of view. No investment or financial burden will be passed on to the government for making more bus stops. Keeping in view the necessities and the convenience of the residents, it is necessary to provide bus stops at all the relevant points in this area. I hope, the government would definitely consider our difficulty and provide enough bus stops for the convenience of the commuters. It will provide relief to all of us, as walking a long distance of 2 kms in winter or the blazing hot sun is very troublesome and tiresome.

Anticipating the needful, without any further delay,

Yours faithfully


Your Name


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