Letter to the Station Master, in reply to the “Missing Luggage” advertisement

A sample letter to the Station Master, in reply to the above advertisement.

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The Station Master


Station Name


Sub : Missing luggage

Dear Sir


Please refer to your advertisement in the “Newspaper Name” dated dd/mm/yyyy, regarding the luggage found in the Train Name on dd/mm/yyyy. I want to bring to your kind notice that the luggage belongs to me.

It is a VIP luggage 22 inches, of grey colour. My name, ‘Somebody1, is pasted on it. It contains three white shirts, two trousers, one blue-coloured pant, one towel, a comb and one ball pen. It also contains my original certificates (Matric and M.A. Economics) with attested copies, five issues of ‘Career Digest’ monthly, as well as a newspaper of that day. I returned on that day after attending an interview at Kanpur.

I shall feel obliged if the same is returned to me. Please let me know the date and the time convenient to you, so that I may collect my luggage, accordingly.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully

Your Name

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