Letter to University for issuance of Duplicate Mark Sheet

You have lost your university mark sheet/ score card and now you want a new copy of your mark sheet. So here is the sample Letter you can write to University for issuance of Duplicate Mark sheet.

Sample Letter

Reg: Issuing duplicate Mark Sheet

Dear Sir


I have passed B. A. final from University of NIT in the year 2009. My roll number is 477398 and my enrolment number is 17895/2009. I have lost my original mark sheet somewhere.

I request you to issue me a duplicate mark sheet. Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Your Name



Reply from the University regarding issuance of Duplicate Mark sheet/ Score card

University of NIT



Ref no.:

Date : dd/mm/yyyy

Sub: Issuance of duplicate mark sheet/score card

In reference to your letter dated dd/mm/yy, you are required to send a draft of Rs. 50/- favoring Registrar, University of NIT, payable at Location, to get the duplicate mark sheet/score card issued.

Thanking you


Assistant Registrar (Examination)

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