Love letter to an old friend

This is a sample love letter to an old friend.


Haven’t I told you that you will always remain in my heart? I always find in you a true friend, who knows the right thing to say if and when I’m down. You like me for what I am and that’s what makes you truly special for me.

I’ve been thinking to write you a detailed letter for the last many days. My daughter is six years now. She is sitting beside me and interrupting the flow of thoughts. I am reminded of the days when we would talk about getting married and having children and how our lives would change. Alas! Those were the days, my friend, we were sure to have our way. At the parting time, we had decided that we would continue to be in touch, come what may. I can’t express my agonies in words except that I miss you.


Well, I am just talking about myself, tell me about yourself? What are you doing these days and how is your son doing? I cherish my love and friendship with you. I would like to be in touch with you. Let’s keep writing letters regularly, at least once a month.

Even if I am late in writing letter, I want you to know that you are always in my heart.

With love,


Only yours

Your Name

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