Official circular letter from Government to all district supply officers

This is a sample official circular letter from Government to all district supply officers.

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of ……………………(State Name)

Secretary, Department ……………………(Name)




Sub: Distribution of essential commodities through fair-price shops

For: All District Supply Officers

It has come to the notice of the Government that some fair-price shop dealers are not making proper distribution of the essential commodities, instead they are selling the commodities in open market. Also, some fair price shops are not being opened on regular basis. In rural areas specially, the shops remain either closed or the commodities are not distributed to all the deserving people, which frustrates the aim and objective of opening these fair priced shops. People are facing great problems in getting the commodities from these shops while the dealers are getting undue advantage by selling the commodities in open market. The matter was discussed in a meeting presided over by the Minister for Civil Supplies and the issue was considered seriously.

I, therefore, advise you to make all efforts to make the distribution of commodities at these shops regularly and systematically. You are advised to implement the following measures, agreed upon in the meeting:


1. The Enforcement Inspectors should personally visit all the fair priced shops and should also meet the Panchs, or the Sarpanchs of the villages. Not only this, reports from and views of the general public should also be taken by them and noted in their daily diary, to ascertain the factual position.

2. The DSOs should also make a point to visit at least 15 fair price shops in a month and verify the daily diary of the Enforcement Inspectors invariably. Out of the 15 fair price shops, 10 must locate in rural areas.

3. Action, including the suspension and sometimes even termination of license of the defaulting dealer of the fair price shop, should be resorted to, in the first instance. In second chance, the dealership of the fair price shop must be terminated and legal action should also be initiated against them as per the advice of the legal cell.

4. Periodical inspection report and the visit reports are to be submitted to my office on monthly basis.

Intimate the compliance to the undersigned within seven days.


Secretary (Department Name)

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