Reply to a quotation letter by a customer

Dear Sirs,

In response to your enquiry we are quoting the minimum prices of the goods needed by you hereunder.

1. ________________________________
2. ________________________________
3. ________________________________

We can allow 5% Discount to you and additional discount elegance. We use pure steel in manufacturing the _____________and therefore these _________________have found favor in many countries. We have not been able to fulfill the export needs of these varieties, which have got very cheap rates competitively. These are available in __________, ___________, _______________and may other colors which seldom fade away.


The models are so beautiful that everyone is attracted to them. We are sure you will continue placing your demands for the same manufactured __________________in your factory that produces at least one lakh ___________________every year. We are keenly looking forward to your early order in this regard.

Yours faithfully,

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