Romantic love letter to girl friend

This is a sample Love Letters For Girlfriend In English.


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My Dear ……………………… (Your GF Name)

It’s been more than three months when I first met you in the local train and since then we spent a lot of time on various dates together to have a better understanding of each other. This is like a dream-come-true for me. You made me love this life and the whole world. I have started smiling again. Your company gives me inner strength and you make me feel high and like dancing.


I wish to convey you my gratitude and sincere thanks for giving me so much joy and happiness. Earlier, I was a person so reserved that I didn’t have even a single friend. I had never dreamt that I would ever meet a person like you who would transform me altogether.

Every morning, I wake up wondering what’s in store for us today. You always surprise me, delight me, enchant me and make me happier. Thank you for coming in my life! I can’t imagine my life without you.

Please tell me what you think about me. Do you also feel the same way as I feel? Think it over seriously, so that we can take some concrete decision in this regard. I believe, you shall positively take the things in right perspective.

Wish you a good day and urge you to reply at the earliest.


With deep and heartfelt love for you and only you.

Only yours

Your Name

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