Sample Apology Letter to Friend for Not Keeping an Appointmen.

This is a sample apology letter to a friend for not Keeping an Appointment.

My Dear ………………………(Friend Name)

I am sorry, I could not join you at the dinner last night. You must have waited for me and cursed me for not keeping the appointment But this lapse on my part was due to the fact that I met with an accident while going to your place.

Last night, while I was advancing to your place on my scooter, a motor-cycle came from the opposite direction near Ghat Gate. It was without lights. It hit my scooter. I fell off the scooter and lay on the road. My left arm was badly injured. Some people took me to the nearby hospital. My arm was plastered. I was allowed to leave the hospital only after midnight. I hope, you will excuse my absence.


Yours sincerely

Your Name

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