Sample appointment letter for appointing new employees


Sample appointment letter format for appointing new employees. Here is a sample letter for appointing software developers for your IT company.

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Person Name

Dear Sir,

With reference to your application for the post of Software Development in our company and the consequent interview pertinent thereto, I hereby inform you that you have been selected for the job subject to the conditions mentioned hereunder:

1. This post will have the pay scale Rs. 150,000 per month plus Rs. 20000 as D.A. and house rent allowance, etc.

2. Your probationary period will be one year during which your services may be terminated without assigning any reason.

3. If you render entire satisfaction with regard to your work and conduct, you will be confirmed in the higher pay scale of Rs. 200,000. One month’s notice will be required thereafter for leaving the job.

4. If the above conditions suit you, please write to us within a week falling which we will be constrained to give this opportunity to someone else and we will not be responsible for any consequences thereafter.

Yours faithfully,

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