Sample banking correspondence letter format

For prosecuting business every business house requires to maintain some sort of relation with the banks as such which rater to the fulfillment of various needs of these houses. Personal liaison has got to be maintained harmoniously with the staff of the bank. Bluntness or curtness should be shed off. On the other hand, these letters should be politely addressed and these should be drafted very carefully so as to avoid any sort of pitfall. All the information furnished should be quite clear and precise. The information furnished should be more factual. Thus the banks that provide various facilities of safe deposit of money, operation and transfer of money, etc., should be approached in a civil and more cultured manner.

Banking Finance

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Personal approach and correspondence may become the various media of relationship with the banks. Somewhere we may need some sort of technical decencies. Thus we may say that all sorts of correspondence must be aglow with a personal touch that should impress the bank officers.

Sample letter format



_________________________(Bank name).



I wish to invest a sum of ____________________in fixed deposit at your branch at the ________________Road, ___________, for a period of _______________years, I shall be highly indebted to you if you very kindly write to me the rate of interest pertinent thereto.


Furthermore, I wish to know that if such deposits are made occasionally for a period of one year, what rate of interest is admissible in these deposits, please send to me all the rules governing such transactions at your earliest possible convenience.

I am sure you will deals with this issue expeditiously:

Yours faithfully,

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