Sample business letter for placing an order

Dear Sirs

Refer your quotation of ____________________ I have pleasure in enclosing our order No. _____________________ for 80 each of the variety you have quoted if your letter. Less 14 per cent discount, delivered F.O.R., packing in wooden cases.

We have had some delay in regard to this order, as your prices exceeded the limits given to our friends; but as we rather liked your designs, we referred the order back, and our friends will now agree to pay your prices as a trial. Please, therefore, do your best to deliver the finest , quality you possibly can at the figure named, or, if you can shade the price a little, it would be advisable to do so.

If this first trial order turns out satisfactory and of good value, large and increasing business my result, since our friends do a large trade than any order similar house in their particular market. When they are ready for dispatch please advise us, and we will send you marks and instructions. Trusting you will give this order your prompt and careful attention.


We remain

Yours faithfully

Ross Dowson archives - correspondence - Year 1975

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