Sample complain letter against the rude behavior of one of the bus conductors






This is to inform you that while I was travelling by bus No. ____________, route No. ____________________ on the date___________, the conductor of the bus misbehaved in most insulting manner.

I boarded the bus at time __________. from place_________________ along with other passengers. It was presumed that the bus would follow its usual route. While we were half way, the driver stopped the engine and the conductor informed the passengers that the bus would not go further.

A lady passenger protested at this. The conductor spoke very rudely to her. All of us took exception to this and demanded the complaint book. The conductor refused to do so. Instead, he used abusive language. The matter would have taken a serious turn, had not some people intervened.

It is highly objectionable for a public servant to behave like this. I would, therefore, request you to make an enquire and see that the conductor is given some suitable warning and punishment.


The conductor had refused to give his token number but his name can be verified from the record kept with you.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,


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