Sample complaint letter for frequent breakdown of electricity






May I draw your kind attention to the frequent breakdowns of electricity in our locality and the great inconvenience it causes to the residents! Ours is not a new locality. It got electricity connections a few years back. It appears, however, that the engineer in -charge of the sub-station has not properly checked the installations and in-spite of the new wires and electric appliances used, there are failures of electricity several times in a day. Sometimes, the current is switched off for several hours in a stretch.

These are winter months. The factories in the area are compelled stop their working for want of electric power and, therefore suffer la great loss of business. Students suffer heavily and cannot study. I request you, therefore, to see that the power plant at the place is thoroughly checked so that there is no chance of the failure of power supply in future.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,


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