Sample complaint letter regarding delay in delivery of goods

Dear Sir,

Referring to our order of the ____________ (date) for ___________ (items), we shall be glad to know when we may expect delivery, as the goods are most urgently wanted. These goods were promised within a week, and we have been put to considerable inconvenience through the long delay. Please wire us in the morning whether you can delivery at the end of this month.

If not, we shall have to cancel the order, as we cannot wait any longer, and must obtain the goods elsewhere. This is not the first time that we have had to complain of delay of deliveries of goods ordered, and, as in this case the goods were wanted as soon as possible, we particularly stipulated for prompt delivery when giving the order to your representative, who promised to see that it was attended to immediately.

We must really insist upon greater promptitude in regard to deliveries. Otherwise we shall be compelled to place our orders with others who can and will give delivery at the stipulated time.


Thanking you

Yours faithfully



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