Sample complaint letter to General Manager of a bank about a branch

Sample complaint letter to General Manager of a bank about a branch.


The General Manager,

Bank Name ………………………




I regret to inform you that the ‘A’ Branch of your office is not rendering satisfactory services to its customers.

I have been a regular customer of this branch for the past ten years. I have observed that the services offered have deteriorated recently. The bank staff is very careless with regard to timings. The bank does not really start functioning at 10 a.m. The loss suffered by the customers as a result of this, cannot be conceived by them. Moreover, delay in transactions, causes untold hardships to the customers. In fact, last week, I had to wait at the counter for one full hour to get my cheque cleared.


Enquiries are not attended to properly and sometimes, necessary forms and papers are also not available. The general attitude seems to be less customer-oriented.

Therefore, I request you to look into the matter personally and take necessary steps to improve the working conditions of the said branch.

Yours faithfully,

……………………………… (name)

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