Sample Complaint letter to the newspaper editor regarding insanitary conditions of locality


The Editor,
Times of India
New Delhi


I shall be much obliged if you kindly publish this letter in your widely circulated paper. Epidemics have broken out in the city. Every day we read in the newspapers of many cases of cholera patients who are being admitted to hospitals for treatment. Of these some cases have ended fatally. In the circumstances, the Corporation of ___________(place name)should take all possible measures to check the outbreak of this fetal disease. People should be vaccinated.


The Corporation should send their workers to every house for this purpose. We have got our grievance against the Corporation. The underground drain is not properly cleansed and flushed every week. As a result, our lane is almost every-day flooded with the polluted water of the drain. It emits a very bad smell. It is dangerous to health, particularly at this time of the season. We have written to the District Engineer of this district, but to no effect. So I take this opportunity to ventilate our grievances through your much esteemed paper for necessary action.

Yours faithfully,


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